0800 27th Dec, vicarious snoozing

Ginger-mutt is caught out, but he sees it is just me and knows there will be no roar of “get off the couch!”. The rules are different before anyone else is up.
He is in my spot, but I let him keep it and sit by the window instead. Yesterday’s rain has bowed the gladiolus, and given a brief respite from the heat. And it has given me time to just sit this morning, instead of dragging the heavy hose around while it is still cool enough for the water to soak in, and running the pump from the dam, which pummels the air and drowns out the cicadas.
I could/should clean something, or weed one of the garden beds. The chickens, ducks and pig are all waiting to be fed, as are the three boxes of chicks twittering in the living room, and the incubators need to be checked. But right now, Ginger-mutt is snoozing and the day has started perfectly well without me, and can continue for a little longer that way.

There are a hundred
Things to be done, but for now
Let sleeping dogs lie



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9 responses to “0800 27th Dec, vicarious snoozing

  1. st s john and stephen be praised to say nothing of boxing day!

  2. Love it. You took the cliche of letting sleeping dogs lie and turned it into a fun haibun. love the photo of ginger-mutt!

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