today I have the time

The tree is dressed
with candles ready to be lit,
the presents are wrapped and piled beneath.
The shopping is done and the larder is packed,
the meals are planned.

So, what is left to do?

I had planned,
when work is put away for the year,
when Christmas is wrapped and ready to be opened,
when the old year is over but the new not yet started
then, in the in-between discretionary days,
then, when there is nothing still waiting to be done,
then, when I have the time,
then, I will put aside some time to cry
to wash away this year,
and be ready,
bright eyed but smiling,
to face the next one.

Today I have the time.


In remembrance of those four that didn’t make it to this Christmas, and who should have had a lifetime of them ahead of them.  



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12 responses to “today I have the time

  1. Tender and real. Thank you, and best wishes.

  2. So poignant. Beautifully expressed.

  3. seven daze
    to reset
    and yet
    the days north
    of the line
    are getting longer now
    and how

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