decorating the tree

For the dVerse quadrille Monday prompt “I like candy“, a 44 word poem including the word candy:

There is an art to positioning the candles –
where they scatter their light from tinsel
and set baubles glinting,
where they stand straight when the candy-canes are stolen
and the branch-tips rise,
and where,
(this year)
they will not set the star on fire.



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20 responses to “decorating the tree

  1. Who would do such a thing. Love the description of how the branches rise

  2. And to think that many years ago, Christmas trees were lit this way. A lovely poem with a surprising end line.

  3. (this year)

    hahaha! Love it, Kate!


  4. This could be a metaphor for disastrous past Christmases. Every year there is a new chance for, “positioning the candles โ€“
    where they scatter their light” instead of ending the holiday in an inferno.

    • ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes! Especially as the candles are then used as an indicator of what the next year is going to be like. Not that, as a scientist, I believe in such things… although I was outraged the one year my husband blew out the candles.

  5. I can see that this is an art… especially when using real candles.

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