cicadas, at last

I wanted to write something for the dVerse last line prompt, “in my end is my beginning“, but when I sat down to try to gather my last lines together I found I’d hardly written anything during November, or even the second half of this year. So instead I just grabbed a recent last line and used that as a starting point. Hence I haven’t joined the mr linky links, but have provided the link to the prompt (above).ย ย 


perhaps they were just waiting for the storms to pass
before climbing from the cool earth
to sprinkle summer in great handfuls from the trees,
peppering the air with their tick-tick-tick
their buzz the simmering of the blue sky
that flows down, pouring between the trees
to the dry ochre ground



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5 responses to “cicadas, at last

  1. this is wonderful!! I just love the imagery and the onomatapoiea and it feels so Aussie and so cicada season

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