Ginger-Mutt doesn’t eat nachos

I made nachos last night with the new red heeler pup, aka the ginger-mutt, staring up at me the whole time and snapping up any scraps I dropped for him. So the d’Verse “spicing it up prompt” seemed very appropriate when I finally time to read it.  The challenge was to include the names of several spices/mixes in a poem.


Ginger-mutt looks up, Egyptian eyes beseeching
waiting for manna to fall:
oh oh, those heavenly scraps of beef
disappearing with a snap
into the salt and pepper muzzle.

The air is embroidered with curlicues of scent:
cumin and onions, golden-soft,
and those kohl-rimmed eyes, pleading, are raised again
filled with a desire no less intense for its silence.

But, the beef must go into the pot now
(although perhaps the chef may let fall a little more largesse).

Tomatoes, beans, corn, chilis, brown sugar and a touch of vinegar
and at the last, when the heat is off,
for a balancing touch of bitterness
and a final russet tint to the fragrance:
just a puff of cacao and cinnamon.
Food fit for the gods!

But not, alas, now the cooking is done,
for the ginger-mutt,
who must now make do with food fit for a dog.




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12 responses to “Ginger-Mutt doesn’t eat nachos

  1. Ginger mutt is very handsome! And your nachos sound delicious! We haven’t had nachos for ages. Definitely something to consider for next week’s menu.

  2. Such a great description of a pet in the kitchen – loved the comparison to manna from the sky. Also loved the illustrative photos!

  3. Oh, I love your sweet Ginger-Mutt!
    I love the spices in your nachos. Mine are all vegetarian, and spicy-hot, he wouldn’t be so interested. 🙂

  4. scraps from ya table
    gobble if willing or able
    ~~~~~ cute kid

  5. My mouth is watering!! Can only imagine your Ginger-Mutt! Well done ….

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