Spring’s kiss

For the dVerse prompt “A World of Common Scents“:

For weeks Spring has flirted
with a wink of golden narcissus,
and a coy blue-sky smile
tossed over her shoulder
before she turns and sashays away again
into Winterโ€™s iron-scented grey.
Until now,
she makes her intentions clear
and with soft pink arms reaching out
offers a sweet blossom-perfumed kiss.

Great prompt Worms!



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19 responses to “Spring’s kiss

  1. Gorgeous, Kate! I have started photographing blossoms too. They’re irresistible. Today felt like spring. Not that I was able to be outside for much of it. This need to earn money is so restricting!

  2. Though our seasons are reversed, I am already thinking of the Spring that follows our High Desert winter!! Well done.

    • I always enjoy reading all the northern hemisphere spring poems during our Autumn. They remind me that it will be spring here again eventually too. A high desert winter sounds clean and dry, with bright starry nights.

  3. sanaarizvi

    This is breathtakingly beautiful, Kate! โคโค

  4. Beautiful soft feeling to this verse.

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