those little slices of death…

…how I love them.


For the dVerse Monday quadrille challenge: “Sleepy times“. 


That moment of surrender,
when the struggle is given up.
That moment of relief,
when responsibility is abdicated,
and cares released like birds.
That moment of release
into a little slice of death.
I could live
just for that blessed moment
of falling


I’ve always found the most supremely enjoyable time to fall asleep is when struggling to stay awake in a lecture or while watching a movie.  I haven’t yet fallen asleep in a meeting at work, but I’m looking forward to it when I’m closer to retirement. I plan so snore ostentatiously through many meetings until I’m offered a pre-retirement package.    


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19 responses to “those little slices of death…

  1. Your comment made me smile! And I love the poem. I like to fall asleep in cars (not when I’m driving) – you capture that feeling of just letting go beautifully.

  2. cede need
    not yet
    cenotaph to read
    your words
    sleep well
    then arise
    with hope and sleep in your ayes

  3. I can’t agree more 😉

  4. Haha – Quite an exit strategy!

  5. You can’t beat that snoring feeling! 🙂

  6. I also asleep sitting in the car ! 😊😃

  7. Funny, your trick to get a good package. Well written. ‘slices of death’, that’s one unique phrase.

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