what to plant in autumn

I planted the mice
all in a neat row,
and this year I reap
what last year I sowed.
Now gnawing of seeds
bids me understand
that again time for planting
of mice is at hand.
So I lay out my traps,
with a morsel of cheese,
tomorrow I’ll plant them
below the snow-peas.
And I hope that this year
– a change would be nice –
I’ll harvest some peas
instead of just mice.

Things to plant in autumn in the southern tablelands: peas, broad beans, broccoli, spinach, mice.Β 


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17 responses to “what to plant in autumn

  1. Have you had big rodent problems? I keep finding dead mice and rats in our garden. It worries me a bit. I think maybe our neighbours are poisoning them and then they come into our garden looking for water??? I don’t know if that’s true but if it is, I don’t want the chooks or the dog tucking into them. And we have teeny tiny mice stealing our chook food.

    • Big problem, small rodents. πŸ™‚ My car smells like it’s infested now too, and when I opened the door the other day one leapt out! We’ve also had one in the house here for the first time. 😦 There have been mice living in the feedbins next to the chicken coop for ages. I can cope with that. But not the car…
      It does sound like one of your neighbours is baiting.

  2. Probably best to break the chain before you get to snakes

  3. The perfect fertilizer! Sounds like your garden will be well fertilized this year!

  4. Fingers crossed for some tasty peas πŸ˜„

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