the breakfast rush

For the Monday dVerse haibun prompt “birdsongs“:  

The sky is white and the air autumn-cool. Inside the children are eating breakfast, packing bags, looking for lost things. Outside, I throw scraps and a saucepan-scoop of pellets to the pig, and a scoop of wheat to the hens.
The rosellas swoop in, to perch chittering and bickering in the bent brittlegum by the chicken coop, waiting for me to leave. Among the brilliant reds and blues of the adults are a few youngsters not yet in full-dress plumage, but still in their dull cami greens. They are flamboyantly beautiful brats, especially the adults. Unable to share, they chase each other away so none has much chance to feed.
Circling the house, I pour a little wheat into each feeder. At the front I disturb the chough family who have arrived early. They hop and whistle back into the tree line, in their dignified black coats with only a fan of white lining showing when they spread their wings. Always together, like a close-knit family of undertakers, the choughs alight together at the feeder, all eight forming a black flower – heads down, tails up, as they share a meal.

The sky falls, screaming –
the cockatoos have arrived.
The small birds scatter.


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33 responses to “the breakfast rush

  1. What a wonderful haibun! I particularly like the haiku! That fabulous falling sky. And also the image of the choughs as a close-knit family of undertakers. LOL I have a soft spot for choughs.

  2. Oh, yes you do have the Fall chill coming on! The birds will eat all the more as it gets colder. Love your descriptions of the pigs and chickens as well as the birds. Well done!

  3. Lovely description — all dispersed by hour haiku’s arrival…

  4. It must be amazing to have cockatoos visit a feeder. We don’t have them here in the wild, they would never survive the harsh weather.

    • They’re very common here, and we’re lucky not to have huge flocks of them coming to the house. They’re very noisy and can be destructive. They are fun though. 🙂
      I really liked your black bird poem for this prompt, and the previous one “sing to us”. Blogspot doesn’t show a “like” button for me though.

  5. Enjoyed your prose very much, and also the haiku. Screaming cockatoos is so descriptive!

  6. Quite obvious who is the boss of the feeder territory! I can feel the busy scrambling of your morning!

  7. Love the personalities you give the birds – the flamboyant brattish chickens, the choughs in their dignified black coats. Great ending haiku too. That’s quite a start to your morning!

  8. Nice one. I love the birds. Choughs are a favourite.

  9. Rob Kistner

    Fascinating write Kate, and fascinating bird, in a slightly intimidating way! 🙂✌🏼❤️

  10. I enjoyed this so much and love the haiku

  11. Perfect title. You have your hands full! Loved all the descriptive ways you painted their personalities and behaviours.

  12. Thanks to your beautiful description, I could picture the entire scene. Kate, wonderful writing.

  13. Amazing…. for me those are so very exotic birds.

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