tree-shredded moonlight
lies in strips across the path
and drips onto my hair
until, shaking it from me,
it pools on the doormat
where by sunrise it has gone

I’ve resumed my daily walks, but with daylight saving time over my walks are now mostly in the dark.  At least at the moment the moon is near full.


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15 responses to “moon-shadows

  1. This is so beautiful Kate. A lyrical masterpiece.

  2. If Moon is dripped into your hair , how will you write poetry ? please write one . Your poetry appears to be gorgeous . Thanks for sharing !

  3. Tree shredded moonlight, wow

  4. lovely. And happy daily walks to you.

  5. left a remark
    ring around bark

  6. writingwhatnots


  7. This is just gorgeous, Kate. “moonlight…drips onto my hair…pools on the doormat”. Lovely images.

  8. Beautiful writing. Kate, you have a way with words.

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