life’s too short for margarine

Life is too short for margarine,
though I’m told it’s shorter with butter,
and I know that I ought to eat more greens,
not things that might make my heart stutter.
And I’ve heard I should feed up my biome
on yogurt and stuff that is leafy,
but I’d rather have choccies in my home,
are my gut-bugs so different to me?
I could read about tracts alimentary,
but I’d rather read tracts that are droll,
so my lifestyle choice is sedentary,
though I’ll take a post-prandial stroll.
Then I’ll lie in the tub with my chocolates,
while my friends huff and puff at the gym.
When we go out for coffee, there’s lots
of full cream in mine, and not skim.
As a woman, I’m afraid, of a certain age,
and a somewhat uncertain shape,
it’s not for me the latest fashion rage,
or bras from which bits might escape.
I don’t spangle or bling or accessorise,
my spectacles aren’t for a “look”
they’re to help my poor aging eyes
so that I can still read a good book.
Now you may disagree with most,
or even, all that I’ve uttered,
but you can’t argue the best thing on toast
is a layer of rich creamy butter.

For D, who has taken to using margarine… poor man. 


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29 responses to “life’s too short for margarine

  1. Ha ha. Brilliant. Why margarine?

  2. cos it tastes better butter y eah
    and sugar
    not non sugar lord knows what is in it.

  3. Oh, girl, yes. By all means: if you must, go with the real thing. Always.
    Butter it is for me! Never margarine and OMG, never ever something named “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”
    Love your humor. Thanks. XoXo

  4. writingwhatnots

    With you all the way!

  5. Hear hear, Kate. We’re not at the top of the food chain so that we can eat margarine. I loved this poem. 😂

  6. I grew up during the butter scare, when margarine was “healthy.” The science has reversed, and butter is back. I’m glad, because I’ve taken up French cooking. I may use a pound in one exotic meal of three dishes. I use it in sautees, sauces, soups, breads, tart shells, puddings, mousses, casseroles. No one can separate me from my butter.

    • oh, that sounds so good!
      My grandparents always had butter on their porridge, made with full cream milk. But my parents had margarine in the house because of the whole butter scare. So I associate butter with holiday food.
      I love pancakes cooked with butter, then a wipe of butter over the top while still hot, then dark brown sugar melting into the butter to form a caramel.

  7. Love this, Kate. I’m a big fan of butter myself! I love the way you “sandwich” the content of this poem with butter. 🙂

  8. Wow well written no butter is better than margarine. Well shared thanks 😇😇😇

  9. So true, the last sentence. Irresistible, but has to be kept at bay.

  10. Very witty! Clever rhyming!

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