two eyes quadrilles

I wrote the first of these quadrilles for the Monday dVerse quadrille prompt “eyeing the quadrille” – 44 words exactly and must include the word eye. 

I don’t think I have ever been told
that I have beautiful eyes.
So does that mean my soul
is also not something to prize?
Is it murky grey-green-brown,
of indeterminate hue?
If less like sky than ground,
does that mean it lacks value?

Then after taking the photo above I noticed that the last photo on my phone before this was the freaky tree-eye, which was just too good a picture to not use, so I wrote a second quadrille to go with it:


Even the trees are watching,
so be careful what you do,
and be careful what you say
because something’s listening too.
The only place you’ll find
away from all ears and eyes
is deep inside your own mind.
There is nowhere else to hide.

This scary tree eye is how the tree has healed after a branch was pruned off. There are several of them, more or less eye-like, on the trees at the edge of this carpark. 


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24 responses to “two eyes quadrilles

  1. I love the quadrilles but the that tree is creepy.

  2. Awesome tree! My Mum is disparaging of her eyes too. Says they’re the colour of Newport on a dull day. I don’t feel like people noticed my eyes either until both my children ended up with larger versions of them. They made a feature of what was dull. And, since people like to compare kids with their genetic heritage, I now have noticeable eyes. Genius!

  3. Lovely quadrilles and I love the colour of your eyes.

  4. Ditto both comments above. Beautiful eyes and creepy tree! Great poems!

  5. Ironically, some people cannot see your eyes and miss the beauty. Love that tree!

  6. Both Quadrilles … outstanding! Your eyes are the color of my Dad’s as I remember them. Beautiful.

  7. I think all eyes are inherently beautiful, provided they are lighted by goodness and not darkened by evil.

  8. That first one really touched me, Kate – I completely agree with you! And I think your eyes are beautiful!


  9. Indeed… the quote led me to believe that if the eyes are not perfect also the soul is tainted, my father was squint-eyed, and people thought there was something wrong with his soul

  10. I can definitely identify with the first one. My eyes are small and unremarkable in color – not the big beautiful doe eyes that everyone falls in love with.

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