come blackberrying

Bright white paper-scrap butterflies
flit and flutter by the roadside,
beside the passing roaring cars
among their passengers’ discards –
cans and bottles, fast-food wraps,
brought by highway, the city’s scraps.

But walk with me into the trees,
where butterflies like autumn leaves
all rise and swirl, then drift to ground
in shades of russet, yellow, brown.
Ripe grasses wave their waist-high plumes,
and tethered between the thistle blooms
silken threads from jewelled spiders
catch the careless zephyr riders.
Come, follow me, up the hillside,
skirting the webs and thistles stride
to where the brambles arch and mound
and birdsong is the loudest sound.

We’ll pluck the fruit, so ripe and sweet,
some for our baskets and some to eat,
sweat slicked, hands pricked, faces glowing
stained by musky juices flowing,
‘til sated at last with fruit, my love,
come lie with me with just sky above.


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16 responses to “come blackberrying

  1. This, Kate, is simply gorgeous!!!! Such a celebration. Such simply beauty in your lines and rhymes.

    • Thanks Worms 🙂
      This started as a short poem called “cabbage moths and common browns” but then it just sort of kept going.
      I went blackberrying yesterday (by myself though – maybe my husband will read this and come with me next time, just to make sure I’m not going with anyone else :D) and there were lots of cabbage moths by the roadside and then clouds of common browns rising from under every fallen log when I got away from the road.

      • Yes!! The butterflies are amazing this year. You know how the blackberry leaves are very pale underneath? There was a branch with the underbellies exposed and I thought one took off in my periphery vision. Turned out it was a cabbage moth.

  2. This is a super poem. I love the rhythm in it and it sits so well with the subject. Lovely stuff.

  3. thorn pricks
    stuck green fruit yuck
    fat black and red berries
    were sweet and
    as toxic
    as a double sherry!

  4. VJ

    Wonderful transition from the litter lined highway, through the woods, to open sky.

  5. Great write, thanks for sharing! 💖

  6. writingwhatnots

    Love the rhythm and rhyme in this Kate – they make a wonderful picture.

  7. Some of your poems are clever, others humorous–this poem is beautiful.

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