ask me no questions…

For the dVerse “a penny for your thoughts” prompt from Lillian. Greetings from summery Aus! The challenge was to choose an adage or proverb from the list provided as a starting point, and cite it at the end.  


It’s true, the truth will set you free.
But it will not make you happy.
So please don’t look into my mind,
you wouldn’t like what you might find.
Because the truth will break your heart.
And the truth will tear us apart.
So, before you ask for the truth from me,
ask yourself first – do you want to be free?


I chose “The truth shall set you free” from John, 8:32.  The chapter begins with the story of the women caught in the act of adultery who then escapes being stoned because who among us is without sin…? 

I have a quote at the bottom of my work email signature which I try to update weekly. Colleagues who know me reasonably well can sometimes spot my mood from it or recognise a reference to something going on at work. Coincidentally, last week, and not updated yet, it’s You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” Aldous Huxley. 


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18 responses to “ask me no questions…

  1. Ain

    Wooh..! I like where that goes.?o pain no gain…can you handle freedom…very nicely done…

  2. Very accurate. The truth isn’t always what we need to hear! Well done.

  3. It’s true, isn’t it? (Pun intended) Sometimes I do believe, people wouldn’t want to hear the abolute truth. And sometimes the absolute truth can hurt needlessly. This makes me smile because my mother always thought 99% of newborns were actually homely at birth….after just passing through a narrow birth canal, who wouldn’t? was her reasoning. So when she’d see a newborn being shown off by a proud parent, she’d always say something like, ooooh what beautiful eyes! Or, ooooo such tiny fingers…I’m always amazed how small their fingernails are…so cute!” Thanks for the memories.

  4. she is cold and i am older
    but yes sincere is the way to be my dear.

  5. sanaarizvi

    This is incredibly hard-hitting and poignant, Kate! 💝💝

  6. Indeed… sometimes it’s better to be bound… truths may hurt.

  7. Ok, that took my breathe away as I got to the end. You write truth and it’s refreshing. But the best part of your poem is, I understood it. thanks.

  8. Oh yes I certainly agree. Truth hurts and brings out every emotion but when it is finished, yes, you are free! Good question at the end.

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