sonnet for D.

Blue Earth-shadow rises above the hills,
while day falls away as we walk the ridge,
night flowing up until the sky is filled.
‘til we stand, sunset-lit upon this bridge
between the working day and evening rest,
and recount the day’s small losses and gains,
an accounting of the worst and the best,
of what the day washed up, its joys and pains.
Then day put away, and night full-risen.
we look ahead now to the next day’s plans
a dozen tasks, ‘tween work, chores and children
a dozen balls juggled by our four hands,
as we turn again toward home and stride,
moon-shadows leading, walking side by side.


I wrote this for the dVerse Thursday MTB prompt “some shadowy lines“, but was too late to add it to the links. It doesn’t fulfil the prompt requirements, as it’s a sonnet rather than a shadowed sonnet with the first word of each line repeated as the last word. I didn’t have the head space for that.   I’m finding it hard to write at the moment, because I can’t read and write. I can read or write.  At least when either is intensive. I’ve just finished reading the second full draft of my student’s PhD thesis – it was pretty intense.   


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18 responses to “sonnet for D.

  1. Kate, I too wonder at the gymnastics some of these prompts require, finding I’m asking myself why? Thesis reading would seem more productive!

    • It’s tricky, isn’t it. Some constraints are necessary for it to be an interesting challenge, and help to drive creativity. But too many becomes too inhibiting. I guess there’s a happy medium, but it’s individual. 🙂
      Thesis reading – yeeaahhh… Hopefully only one more draft to go. Thesis drafting/reviewing should be like Rimmer’s (red dwarf) approach to toilet paper usage: “one up, one down, one to polish”. 😀

  2. Good luck with that thesis Kate

  3. writingwhatnots

    Lovely image of the night flowing up into the sky.

  4. swept away
    beginning of the day
    ez read
    no need for speed
    cos i own the moment
    to foment sundry satisfactions!

  5. Sounds great, without the shadows!

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