Dusk is rising from the gullies,
gathering beneath the trees
lifting the last light up their trunks,
ripening it from gold to rose as it climbs.

To the east, the blue earth-shadow
like a distant sea overflowing the hills
slowly merges into the deepening sky.

To the west, the sun drops below the ridge,
the last day-light staining the clouds.

Stars appear in the indigo depths.


I am trying to walk every evening for at least half an hour, so I’m seeing a lot of sunsets at the moment (and hence also the high fraction of evening poems on the blog at the moment). And it’s occurred to me that night does not fall, at least not in the bush – it rises, flowing up from the valleys and gullies. It’s day that falls from the sky. 

The photo is from this evening’s walk, looking west. I should have taken one to the east as well – maybe tomorrow.  

Linking to dVerse OLN, I’m sorry to miss another live one… maybe next time I will set the alarm to join in, I just need to figure out the time difference.  


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34 responses to “nightrise

  1. Beautiful interpretation of the night sky. And I liked the title. 🙂

  2. Zelda Winter

    This is exquisitely lovely!

  3. Soft and lovely, just how light rises to welcome the night and stars.

  4. Ain

    Beautiful descriptions…

  5. i love your take here; the night rising as the sun is setting.

  6. sanaarizvi

    This is breathtakingly beautiful! 💝💝

  7. Wonderfully conceptual work, delivered with meisterpoetic skills. Thanks.

  8. fireblossom32

    That’s an interesting distinction, nightfall as opposed to nightrise. Natural subjects are, of course, a poetic mainstay and i enjoyed yours very much.

  9. I think there is a fine compilation evolving here. There is nothing better for heart, mind, body and soul than walking / cycling in the bush.

  10. You are so right, night rises gently. Lovely.

  11. I enjoyed this post especially the last line in the first stanza of the poem where you use the word “ripening” to describe how the light turns from gold to rose. “Ripening” describes this magic celestial event perfectly. I will look at sunsets a bit differently now. Thanks. 🙂

  12. I also walk both morning and evening… and right now my walks in the morning let me meet the dawn, while the sun has already set when it’s time for my evening walk…

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  14. I’m on this walk with you! Beautiful descriptive writing.

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