kicking kuchisabishii

For the dVerse Tuesday poetics prompt “food!“, and inspired by The Hobart Chinaman’s post “kuckisabishii” which he translates as “eating when you are not hungry because your mouth is lonely”: 


I’m giving up chips,
and I’m giving up chocolate,
I’m kicking kuchisabishii!
It’s salad and dips,
and even then, not a lot,
for I’m counting ev-er-y calorie.

It’s my new resolution,
(one taken with sorrow)
to forgo all food that is yummy,
thus halt the protrusion,
(starting first thing tomorrow)
of my ever expanding tummy.

Low-fat milk’s in my coffee,
lunch a big bowl of salad,
-is that me gagging or choking!?
and for sweets, a sugar-free toffee.
See, trimmed down life isn’t all bad!
But I’m thinking of taking up smoking…



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47 responses to “kicking kuchisabishii

  1. This made me laugh! My New Year’s resolution is not to have Christmas dinner for a whole year! 😀

  2. Ain

    Haha! Wonderful verse…but so much in that last line…if we give up too much…we’ll seek it elsewhere…

  3. Oh, lots of fun! The rhythm just bounces along.

  4. thus halt the protrusion,
    (starting first thing tomorrow)
    of my ever expanding tummy.

    I’m right there with you, Kate! ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. writingwhatnots

    Haha – love this. And the quote. 😅

  6. Very funny rhyming, and what a wonderful word! 😂

  7. Best wishes and sooooo hilarious!!

  8. cinnamon choclate bears
    as if anyone cares
    avocado dip
    upon my fingers and lips!~

  9. I love this, and love the fact there is a word for “eating when you are not hungry because your mouth is lonely”:

  10. Lol! We have to have some vices, right!?

  11. It’s sad that you have to go on a diet,and miss the delicious foods that come your way..but it is also necessary,isn’t it? 🙂

  12. funny word, right? Your sense of humor is amazing. thanks for sharing this delightful read.

  13. ‘Tis the time for resolutions!

  14. Haha! The diet is always best started tomorrow…thanks for introducing me to a new word also 🙂

  15. With that last line you already know next year’s resolution…

  16. I wasn’t prepared for that last line at all. I hear you on the rest of the poem.

  17. sanaarizvi

    I so enjoyed this one, Kate 😀 Beautifully rendered. 💝💝

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