0500, kookaburras and roosters

I cannot sleep with the window closed anymore.
I am stifled,
drowning in the bathwater-warm,
human-scented air.
all night a cool breeze drifts gently through the room,
carrying the melancholy sighs of a thousand eucalypts.
But before the sky even begins to lighten
to the silvered-grey hues of the brittlegums,
the kookaburras hurl their song through the window,
shattering my dreams into disconnected shards,
scattering their laughter
like seed-pearls.
Until the roosters add their shrill dissonance
to the raucously hilarious dawn,
compelling me to close the window.
And wonder
if my hatchet
needs sharpening.


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23 responses to “0500, kookaburras and roosters

  1. Please don’t hurt the kookaburras, Kate. 😀 And do away with sharp objects, please.
    Perhaps you can take cat naps now and then? Be well, sweet, Kate. All the best.

    • It’s not the kookaburras, it’s the bloody roosters! We hatched 5 chicks about 6 months ago and 4 turned out to be roosters – now all competing to be the loudest. 😀

      • Oh my, Kate. You have trouble. I think the rule of thumb is 1 rooster for 10 hens. That’s the Harmony quotient.

        Roosters come with that “Intel Inside” wisdom.
        Oh my, what will you do now? How many hens in the coop?
        4 roosters is a few too many.
        Hope my limited knowledge of flocks helps. Be well dearie and keep me posted. Still don’t use sharp objects. 🤣

        • I have 6 roosters all together, and 15 hens. Definitely lacking in harmony. :D. My neighbour wants one of them but can’t take him until her new coop is finished, and I’ve found someone else who will take a few, so I’m hoping to soon just have 2. They are just so loud, and with 6 of them they all compete to be noisiest.

        • …but I do LOVE this lovely poem. A winner.
          Hope all gets settled soon. I’ll be thinking of you 😇xo

  2. This is wonderful. I love that twist at the end. 👍

  3. Lol. I was so enjoying the “melancholy sighs”… I can just feel the frustration.

  4. the mind off try to be kind
    oh never mind
    what the sounds are
    road rattles
    and cruel son s prattles

  5. Lovely descriptions. I must admit, when we got chook I imagined the kids watching a hen rear little chick’s and how awesome it would be. But then two of the day olds we bought were roosters and we had to figure out a fate for one of them. We managed to sell him for $10 on gumtree. But it taught me that I can’t do that. I can’t watch a little chicken grow, nurture it and laugh at its antics and then, a few months later agree to chopping its head off. I know. It’s wussy. But the outcome is, our poor constantly broody silkies never get to sit on eggs. If they had it their way, we would have about seven dozen chook by now.

    • I guess I should try to sell mine. One is an araucana (blue egg layer) and the others are maran crosses (olive eggers). So maybe someone would buy them. Especially the araucana, I’d keep him except he attacks everyone. But it just feels like a hassle and I don’t think anyone is going to come out this far for them. We’ve got another ten recently hatched chicks which will lay blue or green eggs, or be yet more roosters. No more after that for a while!

  6. writingwhatnots

    Oh how nature drives us wild at times!

  7. Rural life is very noisy at times. Every December flocks of Cockatoos arrive at our place in numbers. Dawn is a rowdy time. However, within a few days I sleep through again. I gather this doesn’t happen for you?

    • I don’t usually sleep through cockatoos, but I’m getting better at sleeping through the roosters. Although that could be that we’re down from 6 of them to 2. And if names are anything to go by, it will be 1 soon, as the other is called Soup.

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