Good things only #3 / sevenling (roses)

Finally the teaching-year is done for me, with just graduation to go next week.   So I’m hoping to find more time for reading and writing now.

It’s been a challenging year, and the last few months in particular have been difficult. So here is a floral pick-me-up, for myself and anyone else who needs to stop and smell the roses.

1.  The lilies are just starting to bloom! First the Asiatics, but soon the Orientals and trumpets will be blooming too!

2. Hearts-ease – also known as Johnny-jump-ups or violas – are in bloom in all sorts of unexpected places. These first snuck into my garden ten years ago as stow-aways in a pot of something else, and they’ve spread to come up year after year in pots and bathtubs and garden beds.

3. Sweetpeas are clambering around above the hearts-ease. The mice must have missed a few seeds at least, from my successive plantings.

4. Roses, of course.  Heavy-headed Jude the obscure, richly crimson Mr Lincoln, paint-splashed Maurice Utrillo and all the others.  The recent heavy rains have knocked the petals off them now, but there are many buds. Nothing is as tough as a rosebush. The wild dog-roses along the road and in unploughed paddocks are in bloom, nibbled by ‘roos and possums, but surviving – flourishing even. One has quietly crept into my garden and I haven’t the heart to remove it.

Sevenling (rose garden)

Jude the Obscure nods politely to
Mister Lincoln standing straight and tall,
while Miserable Les sulks in the corner.

There Pierre de Ronsard blushes as
Maurice Uttrilo, in studied disarray,
leans suggestively over Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

None notice the dog, crept in at the back.


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15 responses to “Good things only #3 / sevenling (roses)

  1. Very cool sevenling. I am always a little envious of people who genuinely enjoy gardening I feel like it’s such a wholesome hobby. But while I don’t mind the odd day in the garden and I LOVE well tended (or even slightly wild) gardens, I just don’t do the gardening. I don’t even know why.

    • Nothing more wholesome than chicken manure and blood and bone 😀 as Pete Cundall used to say “It’s so good, you could put it on your muesli”.
      But each to their own. 🙂

      • LOL. Maybe no TV was part of my problem. I listened to a guy off gardening Australia interviewed recently… I can’t think of his name but he’s of Greek heritage . He sounded absolutely lovely.

        • Probably Costa Georgiadis? He’s good on Gardening Australia, but he’s hilarious on things like the Weekly, and is also an occasional drag queen. 😀 Which is a good look with the huge beard.

        • LOL. That’s him. He sounded like such a nice guy in the interview. My memory is so poor since chemo. Especially for remembering words which is annoying for a writer. I use an online thesaurus frequently when constructing poems.

        • That must be frustrating. But everyone should use a dictionary and/or thesaurus now and then. I’ve had a couple of students “graciously accept” my offer of alternative assessments recently. I guess they think I should be grateful at their graciousness.

        • LOL Yes. it is good to use dictionaries/thesaurii I have discovered some interesting words. It’s more frustrating in conversation though.

  2. A delightful piece, simply delightful!

  3. These little spring beauties cheered me up as we crawl towards winter on the dark side!

  4. writingwhatnots

    Thank you for the ‘pick-me-up’ – its very therapeutic to be reminded of the beauty ahead. 🌷 Love your sevenling.

  5. Beautiful garden! Good hobby.🤗😊

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