in the moonlight of other nights

For the dVerse “in the light of other days” prompt, a request to share a memory, recent or past.  This is a little of both, and the possum shown in the pictures here, that I took last night, may well have been the baby of an earlier season’s “poss”.

Poss has come visiting again.

Caught in the torchlight
she runs up a post
only to discover her way blocked.

Was there no roof here last time she visited?
Or has she forgotten?

Memory is a fickle friend,
hers and mine.

I recall her last visit,
a baby clinging to her back.
And my guilt at shouting at her,
shaking a broom to scare her,
before I saw the infant.

Now I look at her again,
that guilt returning
with the memory of that tiny clinging child.

And I forget the ravaged snow peas,
and stand back and let her pass.


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29 responses to “in the moonlight of other nights

  1. This one might be the baby from the last time. She returned to show you how big she’s grown.
    So sweet. Thanks for the share.

  2. Yes. In the end, the just want food, like any living being. I have an animal-loving friend who took to feeding her marauding possum in the hopes that it would be full before it found the vegie garden. I think it just got fatter. LOL One night she saw it sitting on top of her daughter’s slippery slide. I love that image. A fat little poss taking a slide.

  3. Cute critter, we don’t get them here.

  4. loved this poem! Utterly charming visit of poss and quite unique. Brilliant couplet to end but I especially liked
    “Memory is a fickle friend,
    hers and mine.”

  5. eh some kinda wombat
    get back jack and jill
    cos it is an aussie hill!

  6. fireblossom32

    I can’t tell you how much I like this. Similar has played out more than once in my own life, and each time I grow more tolerant, more understanding for the next time.

  7. Beverly Crawford

    A sweet and gentle story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. sanaarizvi

    Love this! Especially; “Memory is a fickle friend, hers and mine.” 🙂

  9. What a gorgeous visitor! I want one…

  10. Isn’t it remarkable what a change in attitude the presence of an infant can bring? As long as their perceived innocence prevails we forgo the right to blame and punish. A possum perfect poem.

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