make up your damn mind

The dVerse Halloweeny Humans prompt was to write a poem with a Halloween flavour about a human attribute we hate.

Imagine a busy marketplace, and you’re in the line for a coffee, and some bastard up the front doesn’t know what they want…  signing impatiently you glance around, noting the length of the line, and a cowled figure at the back.


Just make up your mind!
There are people behind,
who have things to do
not just wait for you.
Sure, kill your own time,
but stop wasting mine!
‘Cos at the end of the line
is the guy with a scythe.


I really hate indecisiveness. It’s irritating at best, and at worst selfish when it abdicates responsibility to others, increasing their cognitive load and burdening them by making them do the thinking for you and be the grown-up.      



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30 responses to “make up your damn mind

  1. 🤣 Wonderful rhythm, and that twist at the end will be the death of me!

  2. Very cool poem. I am terribly indecisive so I don’t defend the person not knowing what coffee they want but I can tell you that being indecisive (in my case) is largely about worrying that I am disadvantaging or failing to consider others in my decision. So now I will worry that by worrying I am increasing their cognitive load. LOL All my life I have wanted to change to “o” in worrier to an “a”. Okay it doesn’t work but it almost does.

    • Lol…. sorry Worms.
      I think decisions are difficult to make either because
      a. there is not much to distinguish between alternatives – they are approximately equally good/bad. In which case, it doesn’t make much difference what you pick, so you might as well pick randomly.
      b. you don’t have enough information to know which is the better option – so get more information and then decide (preferably not while standing in line! read the menu!). Or, if it is not possible to get enough information, again, you may as well pick randomly.
      Then you make the decision the right one.

  3. Haha, I can understand your frustrations! I am sure the man with the scythe would help me be less indecisive…

  4. Are you sure it is just the guy at the end of the line with a scythe? There is something definitely cutting about your words. Maybe you should be in the line for a cup of calming Horlicks instead! That is a great little rhyme.
    BTW, Vegemite and eggs are now on my menu. Since we get given so many fresh eggs this is a very good thing thank you.

    • If only I had a scythe… 😀 Horlicks… no, but I do drink decaf.
      We’re getting a heap of eggs from our chooks at the moment too. I’m glad the egg and vegemite combination was a winner. 🙂

  5. writingwhatnots

    You would hate going anywhere with me – if there is a fence I will sit on it. Too much choice freaks me out. Love your snappy poem – getting right to the heart of it!

    • And you wouldn’t be safe with me! 😀
      Several years ago one of my sons was walking around a dam umming and aaahing about whether he wanted to go in for a swim or not. After some minutes of this, as he walked past me I pushed him in. I figured he needed help deciding, and this was unequivocal at least.
      Unfortunately he sank like a stone and I had to jump in after him (fully clothed) and drag him out.

  6. shit o get off
    be a verb not a noun~

  7. I love the visual that comes with your poem, Kate. Maybe let the guy with the scythe cut to “next in line”? I look at wafflers in line the same way I look at people on the highway who get into the passing lane and block people from getting around them.

  8. Oh I have exhaled many a sigh while standing in line ~ upside to masks? Profanity mumbled.

  9. I like the ending. Creative and surprising yet a good point as well.

  10. Good lesson, don’t irritate a guy in line with a scythe!

  11. Yeah, I get you. I used to be really indecisive – but now I’m not so sure…

    But, like, hey, don’t pass over those chances to practice equanimity…

    Gonna stop here now. Or should I?


  12. sanaarizvi

    I so hear you in this poem! Succinct, crisp and brilliantly composed! 💝💝

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