Good things only #1.

Taking a leaf out of Sean’s book, I’m going to try some (non-toxic) positivity posts to try to boost my mood (struggling a bit lately). So here are some good things from my day, to remind me:

1. Coffee with a friend for the first time in months.Β  So nice to talk to a person who I don’t live with and who doesn’t want something/need me to solve a problem for them!
2. A senior colleague I respect saying he learnt a lot from teaching with me, in front of the whole school.
3. Relaxing in the sun with my darling oinky girl, even though she wouldn’t share the seat with me. She did bite me on the bum, but not hard, so I’m interpreting as affection.


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21 responses to “Good things only #1.

  1. Kate, have you seen the exquisite cave art recently discovered in an Indonesian cave? Wild boars and hunting scenes considered to be at least 45,000 years old. I just watched a news clip and then, minutes later, found your wonderful oinky girl here. Remarkable! Hope this finds you well. Nick x

  2. Lovely post. My fondest moments often involve animals. 🐾

  3. I agree with Hobbo. Animals are a great balm in low times. Even bottom-biting ones. πŸ˜€ Sounds like three pretty good positives you found in these difficult times. Well done, you!!

  4. This is so cool! Definitely elevated my mood and that appears to be one helluva pig.

  5. I hope it elevates your mood too.

  6. writingwhatnots

    They sound like three significant positives indeed. Its not easy to see a cup half full when life is pressing in around us. I have to say, I love your posts about your pig – I cannot help but smile when I see her piggyness (to me, she is some sort of suidaen royalty) on your page. Hope the bum isn’t too sore!

  7. as per sir paul eh? good timez cumin

  8. Such a great practice to observe and ponder the good things in life.

  9. Looks like she is hogging that bench!


  10. M

    thanks for the uplift, and the chortle at the pig pic ~

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