compost mentis

The decades have collapsed in on themselves,
those strata of experience, knowledge, skills,
compacted down
into a thick amorphous layer of decay
in which malice and mistrust have sprouted
feeding on the last remnants of thought
their clarity turned to caustic white sap
twisting about themselves for support
tangled, twining and thickening
into a thicket impermeable to reason,
leaving me thorn-gauged and stung
at each attempt to approach.


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12 responses to “compost mentis

  1. Perhaps I am not quite at this sad stage yet Kate, but as I get older I feel I get closer to my kids as they take responsibility for their own lives. A poignant poem, and very well expressed.😒

  2. Youch! 😦 Great title for a very gnarly description of somebody. A great metaphor!

  3. You leave me feeling torn and thwarted.

  4. slow
    i grow in age
    but not nearly
    said the ex friend
    raveny crow

  5. Words to ponder 💭 It pays to mind your mind and do some mental gardening to keep the place tidy, but the damn weeds never seem to stop growing.

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