riding the waves

The pain wakes me,
swelling and rolling through me,
and then passing, as if it never was.

But another swell comes.
And another.

They come in waves,
these pains.
Each a little larger,
a little longer,
a little closer to the last,
until they leave me gasping.

Fingers clenching the back of a kitchen chair
as each new wave washes over me,
I watch the clock
and wait,
as long as I can.

Then we are passing trees, fields,
then houses, streetlights,
and the sky is beginning to lighten
as we reach the hospital.

And the pain goes on,
and on.

Wave after wave,
breaking over me now,
leaving me drenched in cold sweat.

Until finally,
riding the waves now,
an ocean bursts from me.

There is a cry,
as the last of that inner sea is coughed out,
and a first breath is taken.

And all the pain is,
if not forgotten,

For the dVerse prompt “from a place of pain“, the challenge was to “revisit a time in your life when you have felt pain (emotional or physical, acute or chronic) and come out on the other side stronger.”  My previous post, written before the prompt, could have fitted it, but I didn’t want to revisit that. So I went the opposite direction. In several ways. 


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23 responses to “riding the waves

  1. ouch!
    so much strength even after the pain ‘And all the pain is,
    if not forgotten,

  2. You brought back some nostalgic memories for me, Kate! Not least my husband rushing out from the hospital when I was in labour, to buy paracetamol…for himself!

    You are right to say not forgotten but irrelevant. But thank God I don’t have to go through that again πŸ™‚

  3. Well written Kate, a labour of love. πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve felt your pain…five times when I thought I’d die…but didn’t. Worth every wave!

  5. pain is never irrelevant
    i move throb
    self med
    and to the shed

  6. I like the ebb and flow with the waves metaphor throughout; well done!

  7. Intense! I watched seven children come into this world. The most wonderful and terrifying days of my life.

  8. sanaarizvi

    “There is a cry,
    as the last of that inner sea is coughed out,
    and a first breath is taken,”..

    I felt this poem so deeply! Powerful write!

  9. We just had our first grandchild. In so doing there was pause to reflect in the birth of our own children. From the pain came the joy, as you have put so well.

  10. Like childbirth, right? That lovely cry overrides all that pain. How sweet it is.
    Thanks for sharing. Loved it.

  11. Lovely. We are tough, aren’t we?

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