five red tulips in a white pot IV

Holding aloft their fiery cups,
flames they have caught
as they fall from the sun,
they are full now,
filled to overflowing,
their bowls brimming
and their petals saturated.
And yet still they are insatiable,
glowing like greedy coals
that are not dimmed by the sunlight
but fed by it.

Fourth in the “five red tulips in a white pot series” – and yes, there are only four tulips in flower. One was eaten by something. But 80% is pretty good. 


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9 responses to “five red tulips in a white pot IV

  1. Your tulips have bloomed. Yay! So spring has sprung — nice! And I was so worried for you because We just had a really warm day here. I was concerned it was the day of warmth you’d be missing.
    Glad the Fairy got it there just in time.
    N.b. You’ll understand all this after you read my last poem. Haha.
    Don’t worry too much about my rambling. All is good.
    Lovely tulips. 💕

  2. Lovely poem for stunning flowers. Love the catching of the flames image. Fabulous!

  3. good fr john
    is the one
    each saturday
    he replaces dead
    flower s with new ones
    with care and panache

  4. Love these words and beautiful Tulips.. autumn is Tulips blooming.

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