night walk

I walk away from my shadow,
trying to leave it behind,
along with this day –
this day that has drained me.
But it follows me up the hill,
and lingers with me at the gate.
Until, as inevitably as tomorrow,
I follow it home.


Written for the dVerse quadrille prompt, “let’s linger“.  44 words, including the word linger.  

I didn’t think I was going to respond to this one – too big a day at work, it was almost 8pm before I could finally switch off.  But, a walk outside in the bright moonlight – full moon tonight – and I feel refreshed. Shame I now need to go to sleep so I can face another day tomorrow…  ‘night all. Stay safe.  


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32 responses to “night walk

  1. Thank goodness for the moon and fresh air. And what a great poem about shadows – their darkness and their loyalty.

  2. come back
    learn you can never
    escape yourself

  3. you just summed up my tiresome day

  4. Hard to get off the beaten path but it’s nice when we do! 💗

  5. I’m so glad you joined us because this is stunning!

  6. Kate,
    Gorgeous writing, capturing the need for respite, for solace.

  7. A great poem. i hope it made your tea for you after this fine effort. 🙂

  8. writingwhatnots

    Moonlight can be magical. Lovely poem.

  9. I can definitely relate to this piece. Nice poem.

  10. I know this feeling, beautifully brought to life.

  11. Perfection in poetry.


  12. I think we are having similar days!

  13. Beautifully penned and so true.

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