grooved (or otherwise)

The dVerse Monday quadrille challenge was to use the word groove or a variation in a poem of exactly 44 words:

We fitted together
like tongue and groove.
We slotted in place
and never moved.
Which was fine for a while
until the rains fell,
then we swelled and cracked
in our conjoined hell.
We were too young to know,
we needed room to grow.

and a flippant one:

Well I’ve never been groovy, I’ve never had the right moves,
But I’m okay with that, ‘cos I’ve got nothing to prove.
I’m content to be geeky, and a bit of a nerd,
‘Cos smart’s the new sexy, or at least so I’ve heard…?


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22 responses to “grooved (or otherwise)

  1. The first extended metaphor is clever. Love it.🙂

  2. water carves away the stone facade
    and we too are now so alone
    bared and naked

  3. The somber #1 and the flippant #2 … loved them both!!!

  4. Ha! That second one brought a fun smile! Thank you.
    And the first one is all too true. I have been there.

  5. I recognize myself in the last one… but it took too long to realize that truth. The first one is excellent, maybe we can blame the groovy and sexy.

  6. Indeed. Such is life and such is also life. Growing into a new groove is good. Nicely done (both).

  7. writingwhatnots

    Your quadrille fits together so well, just like the floorboards! Lovely write.

  8. I like the rhyming pattern in both pieces. Nice job.

  9. then we swelled and cracked
    in our conjoined hell.

    Brilliant, Kate! I love this metaphor!


  10. Both poems rock – well done! (Smart is definitely the new sexy!) 😀

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