I want to write something about spring

I want to write something about spring,
about the scent of the tomato seedlings on the window sill
about the way the tiny glassy hairs on their stems catch the sunlight
and glitter like gold and silver tinsel.
I want to write about how I imagine the soil will feel,
when it is warm enough to plant them,
how I remember it feeling last year,
and the year before.
I want to write about the first pale asparagus shoots
pushing up through the straw,
about the daffodils, bowing down in the rain,
and the buds swelling on the roses,
the sepals no longer able to stretch enough to hide their colours.
I want to write about the scent of the plum blossom
on the ravaged plum tree with its few remaining branches,
how every year its scent is a promise of plums
that is never fulfilled,
but always forgiven
because the scent is precious enough.

I want to write something that stores today,
that preserves the hope and anticipation of spring,
like jam stores the scent of summer
and all the reds, purples and golds of autumn,
so any winter day you can open a jar
and taste the sweetness of those seasons again.
But spring is too delicate.
The soft-sweet scent of the daffodils is too elusive,
the crispness of the first asparagus too transient.
Spring cannot be kept in the store cupboard
as anything other than a sadly wilted memento mori.

So I am trying to save today in words.

But there are no words
to describe the scent of tomato seedlings on the windowsill.
Other than, perhaps, hope and anticipation.


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27 responses to “I want to write something about spring

  1. north ta ya south
    me and my big mouth
    come s autumn then

  2. It is. It’s beautiful, and very evocative!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  3. Yup, some things are hard to pin down in words. Some experiences are priceless too. But our souls know. And we can relive when we revisit our souls.
    Maybe. What do I know. Except that this was such a pleasure to read. How lovely. Thanks for sharing Punam.
    (Curious are you in your time zone going into spring? How precious. I’m thinking, Australia?) but no, we were talking London the other day. Anyway there’s no reason why we can’t discuss and write about any season at will.
    Thanks again. Lovely! πŸ’•

  4. This is wonderful, Kate. Your description is delicious!

  5. Lovely! If only we could jar it.
    Its temporality is what makes it so precious. Please post this again around April for us northies will you?

  6. What a sensuous write Kate, full of sensory treats. I really enjoyed that.πŸ˜€πŸ™

  7. Hey Kate, such an evocative piece, may I reblog please?

  8. writingwhatnots

    The essence of approaching spring captured so evocatively in your words. Love it.

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