darkness flows uphill

Night rises from the bottom of the valley,
sending darkness creeping,
up the gullies,
its progress marked,
by the currawongs.

Darkness flows uphill,
like the opposite of the water
along with the sky,
still holds the last of the day,
for us to take a final sip from.



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17 responses to “darkness flows uphill

  1. Oh this is wonderful!! Such a beautiful poem!

  2. Gorgeous…. and don’t you have such great names for birds! 🙂
    I made a curry,
    it went wrong,
    I fed it to
    my Currawong!

  3. Beautiful colours on the billabong 💚

  4. I love the movement in this lovely piece.

  5. walking in the dark
    not a lark
    by the massive bird refuge
    sweat slight wind and cool
    tire conspire
    tripped slipped
    and told meself
    finish you ghett
    and yet
    what else could i enjoy more
    at this point? eh?

  6. The imagery, the pacing… Love this poem! 🙂

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