off to the ag store

For the dVerse prompt “Oral Poetry“, I went for a nursery rhyme (sort of) theme…

Off to the ag store, jiggety-jig,
Off to the ag store for food for the pig,
She started off small, but got very big,
Now I’m off to the ag store for food for the pig!

She’s awfully hungry, that much is true,
While I’m away, what will the pig do?
Will she eat up my husband, and children too?
If she ate them all up, what would I do?

I guess that I’d better get back in the car,
And just go straight home now, it’s not very far.
Or perhaps I should stop for a drink at that bar?
After all, it’s really not far…

Such beers to choose from, dark through to pale,
I’ll have a nice lunch, and a nice pint of ale,
Then I’ll have a long walk, and browse in a sale,
Then back in the pub, for just one more ale.

Joggety jog, going home from the ag store,
I pull in the driveway and open my door,
The pig comes to greet me, and (sigh) what is more
The family’s all waiting for me at the door.

The challenge was to compose the poem, as much as possible, in one’s head before writing it down.

Oh, how I miss my morning commutes, writing poetry in my head in an empty car after dropping the kids at school. Closing my office door and typing them up before anyone noticed I was in… I miss my office so much, even the dead flies on the window sill that were so blessedly silent…


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18 responses to “off to the ag store

  1. Oh my. Genius indeed. You got this one right where I think you wanted it. Nursery rhymey all the way.
    Glad your lovely family was right there when you returned.

    And your end notes about missing your office. Oh my. A slice of life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tremendous!! Had me hanging in anticipation regarding the final outcome as you chased one “squirrel” after another.

  3. Oh for a moment’s peace and quiet, eh? Still, I’m sure you were pleased that the hungry pig didn’t eat your family! I love the nursery rhyme style of your response to the prompt 🙂

  4. Beverly Crawford

    My kind of poetry…a delight from beginning to end and leaves us with a smile. I well remember my working days which involved a lot of auto travel, which I call “think-tank-time. Many a poem geneated in that beloved Buick LaSabre!

  5. A lovely, lively, funny poem! 🙂

  6. So much fun… how good that the pig had spared the family… and ale in a bar sounds tempting.

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