Tuesday’s dVerse prompt was to write an acrostic or a poem inspired by puzzles. I’ve never gotten into crosswords personally…

Crosswords are, apparently,
Recommended for the brain
Or some other mental activity
So our sanity’s maintained.
Some enjoy them, that is true,
Well, they’re fine, but not me.
Other puzzles bring me pleasure –
Round here we’re much more mathsy!
Division and times-tables,
Some algebra and graphing –

Numeracy’s enabled, and
Our puzzles keep us laughing.

But this prompt did make me smile, because on the weekend I spent a couple of hours creating puzzle-clues for my kids to do treasure hunts. The kids were bored with being in quarantine so I found some chocolate tucked away and sent them on an out-of-season Easter hunt. Some of the clues were word puzzles, including one combined crossword + jumble, but many were maths-based because the little one is learning long division and times-tables, and the twins are doing algebra and graphs in online schooling.  


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42 responses to “acros(s)tic

  1. writingwhatnots

    You do make learning sound like fun 😀

  2. Great
    About the advantages of
    Numeracy puzzles
    During a poetry prompt. 😂

  3. your title and poem are both killer, Kate – well done!

    you know, since you mentioned numbers, ‘no’ could also be an abbreviation for ‘number’


  4. Ha ha! A great take on the prompt. Maths is a language that continues to confound me however… 😊 I can talk bull really well though!

  5. tunnel vison
    sad manic derisions
    grid lock

  6. Fine work. I think we’re on the same plane this time around, eh?

  7. My sentiments exactly!

  8. You “A”ced this one …..

  9. This was a fun one to read! I like math and word puzzles. 🙂

  10. Kirsten Bett

    Much more mathsy 🤣

  11. I love the backstory here… how great to be able to learn math while having fun.

  12. Keep the brain & kids busy and actively engaged…so yes puzzles and crosswords it is. Good to have fun summer memories too.

  13. Love your acrostic…..but even more I love the activity you designed for your children! Creativity plus needed in these days of Covid and especially for those who are quarantined.

    It strikes me….when you say you don’t like crosswords….the play on words there could be, and especially given the fun you had with your children, you don’t like cross words either!

  14. I’m not a big crossword puzzle fan either. But you made a fun acrostic out of it 😁 Related in a sideways manner, I don’t know if you read the online comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, aka SMBC, but todays made me think of you: Enjoy!

  15. sanaarizvi

    This is absolutely phenomenal! 💝💝 Loved the way you have worked the form 🙂

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