waiting for Persephone

For the dVerse Tuesday poetics prompt “Persephone“: 

The birds know she is coming.
They are staking out their territory,
marking the boundaries with song.
The sheep know is she coming.
The tender white lambs crowd
under their mothers’ dull grey fleeces.
The seeds know she is coming.
They are pushing green shoots
through the cold, damp earth.
The kangaroos know she is coming.
Their pouches bulge and stir
with impatiently folded joeys.
The trees know she is coming.
The wattles are dressed in
their best golden gowns,
ready to greet her.

Though the wind is so cold it bites,
it carries with it her sweet kiss.
Tasting of pomegranate seeds.


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38 responses to “waiting for Persephone

  1. I love this, Kate. I especially love the “impatiently folded joeys” and I just adore the end – the cold wind tasting of pomegranate seeds. Such a beautiful interpretation and such lovely tying in.

    • Thanks Worms 🙂
      I was watching a kangaroo grazing close to the house just before writing this, and her pouch kept bulging and moving. It must have been quite a big joey.

      • 😀 Reminds me of pregnancy… only roos are so jolly angular. It must be like housing a pair of scissors. 😀

        • Yes! that’s what it made me think of. All that kicking inside. I remember one ultrasound I could see one twin kicking the other. That was funny. But then the nurse was doing measurements and what not, and she pointed out one of them had a full bladder, then focussed on the other for a bit, then went back and said “look, he’s emptied his bladder”.
          I mean, if I had ever actually thought of it, I guess I would have realised it had to happen… but still, I’d have had preferred not to have it pointed out. I’ve never quite gotten over that.

        • Ha ha ha!!! Yes, that’s quite graphic. Wow… twins. That would be exciting u/s days!

  2. Oh, wow! I love your take, Kate. ❤️

  3. Ahh, this is so beautiful! You can feel the anticipation of Persephone’s arrival, and it is exciting. I love the hope that spreads throughout this piece as everything and everyone waits her return for spring. Such gorgeous writing!

  4. if you look back
    you will loose
    what you already did choose~

  5. Oh, lovely – all those markers of new life. I like the list form here, it builds and builds – like spring itself – and that pomegranate scented kiss is just enough to define her. Lovely write.

  6. A great post of hope! All of nature has an internal hope of spring! And the cycle goes on rejoicing and mourning!

  7. This is wonderful, Kate. I’m looking for her myself now.

  8. Beverly Crawford

    A beautiful write, Kate! All await Spring while the last blast of winter blows away on a hint of pomegranate!

  9. Msdedeng

    Lovely 🙂

  10. She is leaving us to come to you…does that mean that we live in the Underworld? Now you’ve got me thinking…

  11. “impatiently folded joeys” what a great word combo

  12. Let’s just hope the seeds that were sown do not result in another Hades of a summer to follow the bounty of spring.

  13. sanaarizvi

    A kiss tasting of pomegranate seeds is such a strong, palpable and gorgeous image! 💝💝

  14. Nature just knows, doesn’t it?

  15. writingwhatnots

    Love the promise of spring here – especially the last three lines.

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