daffodil tete a tete

The first of my tete a tete daffodils has just opened! Spring must be very close indeed, even though there was a brief flurry of snow in Canberra on the weekend.  So here is a celebratory ha’ sonnet. 



A tete a tete
with daffodils,
“Well met! Well met!”
their greeting fills
me with delight,
and hope, despite
so grey a day.




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9 responses to “daffodil tete a tete

  1. A lovely ode to spring’s preview, Kate!

    Daffodil Thrill

    Spring is springing
    despite the snow
    Daffy’s bringing
    their yellow glow
    Winter’s surly
    since it’s early
    and gray’s the day

  2. Sweet!! I saw some beautiful japonicas against a blue grey fence on this grey day and they, like your daffodils, were tremendously cheering

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