jukebox (quadrille)

d’Verse is back from a summer hiatus – yay! And happy 10th Birthday dVerse!
Today’s prompt is “juke” for a quadrille. So that’s exactly 44 words, and must include juke or a variation thereon.

The last time I used a jukebox was decades ago, in Melbourne… Nice to have some memories dredged up, but I’m feeling old and nostalgic now.


We meet the horse-and-carriage man
outside a corridor-narrow diner
under a pink Melbourne sky.
Sat at a formica-topped table,
the horse-and-carriage man orders teas –
his shout tonight.
The busker drops one of his coins into the jukebox
and tells me to choose a song.


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23 responses to “jukebox (quadrille)

  1. Thats a good busker, trying to soothe the moment. i wonder about the character though. I am sure he has a story as well.

    Theres a restaurant i no longer go to because it was completely out of hand. Flying beer mugs and all. The manager said there was nothing he could do. Oy.

  2. Sherry Marr

    I can almost see that pink Melbourne sky.

  3. What a fun memory, and how nice to put it to poetry. It makes me think of a childhood memory I have of visiting an Italian pizza place that just happened to have a live violinist that night … a pretty rare thing for a pizza place.

  4. Sounds like a good memory. Nicely done.

  5. I love Melbourne. Maybe it’s the age I was when I lived there but it seemed full of interesting characters and little family-owned restaurants – real people. I haven’t ever had that sense of humanity in Sydney… or Canberra, really, although I love Canberra now. It has its own pink sky.

    • I lived in Sydney for 4 years and it was never home – too aggressive, too hard to get anywhere, no Lygon St… It took me a while to warm to Canberra, and I wouldn’t want to live in it again, but I’d never move back to Melbourne now. COVID has made me dislike the Canberra sky glow – just because it’s the nearest city, and so the nearest source of danger.

  6. I’m really intrigued by this ‘horse and carriage man’ now: is he friend or foe? I love ‘pink Melbourne sky’ too!

    • The horse and carriage man was the guy who took people for carriage rides in central Melbourne. 🙂 Sort of a friend, or at least an acquaintance, 30-odd years ago. I used to have a cup of tea with him and a busker sometimes. One of them always shouted (paid). I can’t even remember their names now.

  7. Wonderful. I can picture this perfectly.
    I’ve walked past those carriages hundreds of times, never rode in one though.

  8. shout out to melborne – so – which song did you choose…?

  9. Can’t wait to try the “shouted” move next time I bar hop with pals! I enjoyed your quadrille!

  10. A random but distinct moment in time, so well preserved. Love the “paid” gesture and your use of hyphenation to milk that quadrille. Smiles.

  11. Lovely 💘
    True story?


  12. A free song to choose… I hope you selected something cheerful

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