spring’s golden standard

It’s hard to avoid seeing evidence of climate change, when the spring bulbs are starting to flower around the winter solstice. The jonquils started a few weeks ago, in very early winter, and the first iris opened just a few days ago.

We’re not yet into the coldest part of winter, yet the spring is already pushing its way in. I am trying to enjoy it, without fearing too much the summer that will come after.

In winter’s stronghold
spring’s advance party unfurls
its golden standard.


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18 responses to “spring’s golden standard

  1. writingwhatnots

    A poignant observation, when the promise of beauty signals all is not right with the world. Lovely haiku.

  2. Lovely sketch with a little barb in it. 😢. I wish I could contradict you.

  3. die to self
    put on shelf

  4. Lovely sketch and Haiku. Sadly there is evidence everywhere of the climatic shift – we are under a heat bubble here in western Canada.

  5. Pretty jonquil and pretty drawing.

  6. Thanks for reminding me that the whole world is not 100 degF summer time like here in Louisiana. Loved it.

  7. M

    already fire season – has been for weeks now – in California. Months earlier than decades ago, but now earlier and earlier each successive year.

    • We had a really bad 2019/2020 fire season, then 2020/21 was cool and wet, so not so bad, and now we have an early snow season. I think something a lot of people don’t understand is that while the extra energy in the Earth climate system may mean only a small average temperature increase, that “average” is a statistical measure – it also means higher highs and lower lows – a bigger range and bigger standard deviation as well. A small temperature increase means a big increase in variability, and that includes wind and ocean behaviour. And it’s a positive feedback system – melt the ice caps, less heat gets reflected, more ice melts… etc. I should post a rant on it…

  8. Msdedeng

    So this is the fear you meant in the “rainbow” post.

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