wisteria pods

With a mouse-trap snap
a wisteria pod splits
spraying bullet seed


I was pottering in the garden today and mulching around some wisteria that I grew from collected seed last year. It reminded me of this haiku I wrote last winter.  I had left the wisteria pods on a window sill in a plastic bag, and then forgotten about them. A few weeks later I was startled by sudden bangs and snaps, and found the splitting pods had shredded the bag and sent the seeds across the room!  


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18 responses to “wisteria pods

  1. Great haiku. That’s so interesting. I love wisteria, but we’ve never had it in the garden, so I’ve never had that kind of observation or had any idea that would happen. How cool. 🙂

  2. be she marple
    or he poirot
    only you know~

  3. writingwhatnots

    And I always thought wisteria was so genteel 🙂

  4. Lovely haiku. And what a surprising thing to happen! It reminds me of a tree a friend told me about. She was living in Tanzania. There was this big tree with huge seed pods overhanging their little cottage with its corrugated iron roof. In the height of summer, the pods would start cracking with loud bangs. As they cracked they would spin on their branches, firing their seeds out in all directions. With the loud bang and the spattering on the cast iron roof, it was quite a racket!!

    I love wisteria. But the trunk is super muscular! 🙂🙂

  5. Great haiku. A single moment so beautifully captured in a few words.

  6. Such a wonderful moment of meaning beautifully written Kate.

  7. M

    cool. and makes me wonder if a similar phenomenon first informed north american peoples who grew corn, that it popped. (I know Google probably has an answer, but it seems more romantic to think it originated there, and not in someone’s garage in Iowa.)

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