as above

The giving grey sky
has sprinkled its final benediction
over the greening fields,
and now the still pools
mirror the changing heavens –
brightening from tarnished zinc
to burnished blue.


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13 responses to “as above

  1. oooh. So pretty! I love it!!!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I was driving home from Goulburn today, and after all the cloud and rain the sun came out, and suddenly all the dams and pooled water turned blue. For a few minutes anyway.
      It’s back to WFH again, and I’m trying to stay out of Canberra where my NSW plates draw glares.

  2. validate
    to the time of the tidesz

  3. This is beautiful, Kate!

  4. M

    the last two lines are killer. rely. wish I had written them (and therefore would have no compunction using them. as it is. NO PLAGIARISM) (or borrowing. they’re your words, and fantastic at that.)

    • Thank you!! ❀
      I should have acknowledged Henry Lawson – I had to memorise part of Reedy River in primary school. I've forgotten almost all of it, except the
      "a pool of water lies
      all the year it mirrors
      the changes in the skies".

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