in the company of women

We slip from the buildings in ones and twos,
heels clicking across the carpark,
or stepping more quietly in flats.
Slipping away – not quite clandestinely,
but nonetheless with a sense of escape.

…This week’s homily from the desk of the DHoP
(deputy head of platitudes? patriarchy?)
is an adjuration for ‘respect’…

Gathered together at table,
we laugh at tales of frightening yoga teachers,
are outraged at husbands who suggest more exercise,
we sympathise with the challenges of child-raising,
celebrate successful grant applications
and envy heated car-seats for period pains.

Here, in the company of women,
we do not need the dry flat-bread and watered-wine
of a patriarchal ‘respect’
at our feast
of laughter, love and understanding.


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15 responses to “in the company of women

  1. But the patriarchy made possible your heated car seats. In addition to this computer, the written language, and every tool you’re using to work your blog effects.

    — Catxman

    • I know I shouldn’t dignify such a comment with a response, but…
      Seriously?? Read your history – science and technology are not products of the patriarchy nor is there any evidence that suggests non-patriarchal societies couldn’t have had a scientific revolution. Women’s rights have advanced in parallel with the development of science and technology, and many women have made contributions – imagine how much more we’d have achieved if so many hadn’t been excluded.
      The most patriarchal organisations, eg the catholic church, are also those that have most resisted science, and attempted to hold it back. It was 1992 when the church admitted Galileo was right. 1992.
      Oh, and the first computer language was invented by a woman – Grace Hopper. Despite the patriarchy.

  2. Oh I miss coffee dates, lunch dates with my friends. We haven’t met since April 2020.

  3. This sounds so lovely. I am almost never in the company of women so I’ve forgotten what it’s like!

    • All my working life I’ve been in roughly a 10% female minority. It’s only marginally better where I am now, but we’re getting together so it feels like there are more of us, and the mutual support is really good.

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  5. they ran in threes
    they did not have my sympathy
    cackling hens
    back forward and back
    noisy to a fault~

    • your sympathy?
      who would want that?
      we went to lunch
      to get away from brats
      just like any other mothers club,
      full of Drs and Profs. Mum.
      we’ve millions in grants
      and shelves of books,
      don’t make assumptions
      based on cackles or looks

  6. writingwhatnots

    ‘laughter, love and understanding’ – yes!!

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