silent relic II

For the dVerse “midsummer live” prompt:

A silent relic
recalls bright midsummer songs
through winter darkness.


Not live, but rushed to you only a few hours later.   😀
Looking forward to the return of dVerse after your summer break!


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22 responses to “silent relic II

  1. Your haiku says a lot in few words and kind of compares our two seasons on different sides of the world.

  2. scotthastiepoet

    Certainly hot the spot for me – pretty perfect.. I enjoyed re-reading again and again – word choice pretty perfect.

  3. That’s a fascinating photo! And I love the haiku, made me think of you in winter darkness. Spare me a thought when you’re enjoying a summer Christmas 🙂

  4. Beverly Crawford

    Isn’t it great we can meet here and be reminded of how it is on the other side of the world! I love our community of communities!

  5. We cling where we can to get through…


    It’s drone ripples out like like the memory of a ringing bell.

  7. oh, i like your haiku, that beautiful… well done!

  8. sanaarizvi

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  9. Remembering midsummer is hard when we have midwinter upon us… I wonder what relic to keep

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