blessedly silent relic

A ha’sonnet for Stephen, and his infernal cicadas  😀 


Cicada case,
still clinging tight,
through summer days,
through longest night –
you outlasted
noisy bastard
that flew from you.


There’s a cicada case on a tree in my chicken coop. It was a lucky insect to make it above chicken height and escape, and I guess it’s left-over case has some of that tenacity.



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11 responses to “blessedly silent relic

  1. 😂😂. Love it… especially the rhyme of outlasted and noisy bastard. For some reason that tickled me.

  2. Funny little ha’sonnet. Interesting. We are dealing with the cicadas now, although I actually haven’t seen one. I see that some others have.

  3. clique chick
    beach wood
    would that we could
    water em down!

  4. Very nice, Kate! 😁 I haven’t seen any cases, just the cicadas alive or dead. They seem to have finished their partying here and I guess set the next brood up, so they aren’t bouncing off the windshield anymore.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had a cicada hit the windscreen! Which is amazing given how many km I do, and how many cicadas there are around here in summer. I guess they just don’t fly across the road the way the moths and grasshoppers do.

      • It’s like a large bird made a bombing run. And at the peak it was a like whole flock targeting the cars on the road. It required a lot of wiper fluid. 😁 I don’t ever remember grasshoppers bouncing off my car. Moths and other bugs, yes.

        • I’ve driven through clouds of grasshoppers and butterflies. I wasn’t too sad about the grasshoppers, but there was something a bit dreadful about having the grill coated with dead butterflies and the windscreen smeared with the insides of thousands more.

        • Clouds of grasshoppers and butterflies! Wow! The only bugs I’ve seen clouds of are gnats. I can only imagine how dreadful it must feel to end up with so many dead butterflies on the car. 🦋

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