0800 biochemistry lectures

This is for the dVerse Monday quadrille prompt “smudge”. A quadrille is 44 words exactly, and must include the prompt word.

I have tried,
I have tried so hard!
I have drunk coffee,
wiggled my toes
sat in the front row
holding my eyes open…
Only to find myself,
woken at the lecture’s end
with drool and
a smudge of ink on my cheek.

A lot of my poetry is at least semi-autobiographical. This is definitely autobiographical. Despite quite enjoying biochemistry at uni, I did sleep though almost every 8am lecture, no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. And I woke up more than once with my face stuck to my smudged notes. I don’t know what the poor lecturer thought of me sleeping in the front row with my eyes propped open.  


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43 responses to “0800 biochemistry lectures

  1. 8 am lectures are hard. I had a friend who was in 8 am chemistry with me. It was my job to make sure that she stayed awake!

  2. Hahaha, I feel like this could easily happen to me. Whoever thought 8 am lectures were a good idea needs to try only getting a minimal amount of sleep. : )

    Early mornings are tough and this whole poem I just resonate with. Even coffee can’t do the trick at times.

  3. Those early classes are not night owls. I don’t know how I did it. Nicely done poem.

  4. I remember an “art appreciation” elective I took where every class was slide shows of ancient architecture. In a dark theater and the prof’s droning voice, it was impossible to stay awake. It’s a miracle I passed it. The drool is the worst! 😉

  5. 🤣 why did you keep sitting in the front row? Move to the back and stretch out 😂

    • I really, honestly thought it would help me stay awake. And I was becoming increasingly short sighted but didn’t have glasses yet, so I couldn’t read the board from much further back. Yes, a board, not a screen, and we had to take notes, not just download them… 😀

  6. Wow, that brought back memories! 😁

  7. Haha, this reminds me of a former colleague who was famous for falling asleep during work training. She had a lot of sense!

  8. M

    dropping the pen drop from your (my) hand and have it clatter then fall to the next level down in the lecture hall. yah. and heck, for a 12:30 lecture, not even early!

    • Yeeaah… can’t blame the early hour for that one. 😀 But at least it can just look like clumsiness. I feel asleep in a chem lecture once and my head went forward and banged on the desk. I could only hope it didn’t sound as loud to everyone else as it did to me.

  9. This definitely felt true (which you confirmed) and I enjoyed your slice of too early life!

  10. So completely RELATABLE, Kate. So good!


  11. I’ve been there. And it doesn’t have to be 0800 or biochemistry…any drone will do. Well done!

  12. let s danse macabre kate

  13. writingwhatnots

    The worst for me was the afternoon – staying awake as the teacher/trainer waffles on, and on, and on …… Well put.

  14. You’ve clearly tapped into a common experience here, though I’ve witnessed the opposite. I had an evening class where the professor would fall asleep during presentations, it’s apparently not limited to students.

  15. Hmm….maybe the problem is with the lecturer.

  16. Recently I fell asleep during a work meeting (in the afternoon)… but I didn’t have the camera on.

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