five red tulips in a white pot

Today I am planting tulips.
I am planting five red tulips in a white pot.

Today they are white inverted hearts,
each wrapped in a russet papery skin.

But one day there will be five red tulips,
red as blood, red as wounds, red as wombs,
standing strong above their white pot.
One day they will unfold into
chalices, cannikins, cupels,
ready to be filled with light.

That is why today I am planting tulips,
nestling them safely in the dark,
where they will wait, biding their time,
slowly, silently stretching their
white roots through dark soil,
until they are ready.

And one day, when they are ready,
there they will be –
suddenly, unexpectedly –
five red tulips in a white pot.


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19 responses to “five red tulips in a white pot

  1. I love the imagery in this poem. I’ve had to read it a few times. I’m sure when I am planting tulip bulbs in the fall, this poem will come to mind.

  2. May they bloom soon! 🌷

  3. Beautiful! You must share a photo of them when they bloom! Tulips are such beautiful flowers. Great poem!

  4. I miss like buttons πŸ™‚
    Sometimes I just want to smile and nod in a virtual space and not try to “come up” with something to say πŸ™‚ *nodding.

  5. writingwhatnots

    I can feel the anticipation of seeing their red beauty in the spring. Lovely poem. (Squirrels generally dig up any tulips I plant – pesky blighters!)

  6. I love the imagery and the sounds in this poem.
    Really wonderful!🌷🌷🌷

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