need, greed or curiosity?

I’m a little late for the dVerse Monday quadrille, but here is my take on Curiosity:

What drives you?
What gets you out of bed,
out the door,
out of your comfort zone?
Is it need?
Or greed?
Or curiosity?
Need got us out of the trees,
greed got us across the seas…
And curiosity?
Curiosity got us to Mars.


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30 responses to “need, greed or curiosity?

  1. Nice play on words, and nice examination of our good and bad qualities as a species! I think if curiosity overtakes greed we may be ok…

  2. some of that
    and taken aback

  3. Love this! Curiosity can be the drive behind many adventures, explorations, discoveries, and answers. Beautifully said.

  4. Really love that last line. 🙂

  5. Take it or leave it, where would we be without it? I like how you raise the question for me.

  6. writingwhatnots

    That and Perseverance 👍 Great prompt response.

  7. Curiosity is a great concept … I hope never to lose mine. Enjoyed this muchly.

  8. Beverly Crawford

    Man’s need to know what’s beyond the beyond continues to explore new worlds.

  9. Need, greed, curiosity…The Grand Motivators. And FEAR; but that’s another poem altogether, eh?

  10. A great poem. Love the ending!

  11. Maybe curiosity is stronger than anything…. reminds Maslowäs staircase

    • Yes, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of Maslow’s hierarchy to be honest. I think it’s a useful starting point for reflection on what someone/oneself might need, but it hasn’t stood up well to tests of reliability or validity, especially across cultures. Yet it’s accepted unquestioningly. Perhaps it should have another level – “the need for simplistic hierarchical models”. Actually, if you read Kahneman, that could be considered a need, as it reduces cognitive load and allows faster decision making. And now I should climb out of this particular google.scholar rabbit hole and actually do my job… 😀

  12. De Jackson

    Ohhhh! I love those last lines! So so true.

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