lower right cheek

For the dVerse Monday haibun prompt “flower moon“:

Glimpsed for a moment through the thick autumn fog, stubble coloured sheep speckle stubble covered paddocks. A wheel thumps over a dead ‘roo, a fresh bloody mass smeared further across the tarmac by my passing. I turn up the fan to dispel the mist growing, by some sympathetic magic, on the inside of my windscreen.
Watching the car thermometer dip below freezing as I roll down into the valley, I ponder this morning’s poetry prompt: flower moon. In the northern hemisphere anemones, bluebells and lupins are flowering, and corn is being planted.

On the earth’s arse, just
a week away from winter –
no flowers here, mate.


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54 responses to “lower right cheek

  1. I love your haiku! You are telling it like it is… we are worlds apart!! Well done.

  2. Very Aussie and a bit of humor. I am smiling over here. Sorry for the poor ‘roo, of course. I feel like I got a little glimpse into your world.

  3. The corn and tomatoes are coming along nicely here.
    Great ending, by which I mean the back side of your post.

    • Thank you Mouse 🙂 I hope your garden isn’t raided by moomins the way mine is by ‘roos.

      • We were discussing yesterday just how big moomins are. I think we ended on something between a mouse and a rat. Either way rodent/vermin.
        I’m sure I could find some moomin poison, they endorse everything else 😂

        • OMG, putting out baits for moomins… that’s worse than spraying fairies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sjjvzb0xJaA

        • Love it 🤣🤣🤣

        • I’d gladly stew the Easter bunny,
          and scoff him down without a pause,
          and I’d have the police round here, you bet,
          if I caught a glimpse of Santa Claus.
          Unicorns? Tie ‘em to a plough!
          Fairies, yeah, they should be gassed,
          Hoggle got that right you know.
          And peace doves? They’re just flying rats.
          But to poison Moomins???
          Mouse, I am appalled,
          I’m shocked, but then what
          do you expect from an Aussie abroad?

        • This is amazing! Did you write this off hand? It seems so familiar.

        • Mouse, I do not believe there is another human on the planet that would even consider laying baits for Moomins…. Even the most despicable torturer of fluffy kittens would not be so despicable. So yes, this was off the cuff just for you!

        • I think you might be right. I’ve seen Helsinki Angels bikers using muumin mugs.
          Thank you for the personalised poem, I’m honoured ☺️ even if it is to chastise me about harming small (fictional) creatures 🤣

        • Helsinki Angels bikers using Moomin mugs… what a wonderful image. I bet you wouldn’t tell them moomins are vermin and should be poisoned! And stop spoiling my idea of Finland as a great big Moomin valley, plus surrounding forest. And a mountain with cigarette butts all around its base from the astronomers at the top all smoking.

        • It is, and I wouldn’t.
          It is a great big moominvalley. The forests are green again, it’s a wonderful time of year.

  4. 😂. I love the contrast of the lyrical prose and then the plain as spades haiku. 😂

  5. M

    drought here in northern California – hills already brown, and the April lupins have all since faded ~

  6. writingwhatnots

    As Dwight says, telling it like it is – your prose and haiku reflect the contrast of our two hemispheres so starkly. Really effective.

  7. I always enjoy views of ‘down-under’, Kate, and this one’s a beaut! It will never cease to amaze me that while I’m in the middle of spring blossoms, you and friends and family of mine who live in Oz are in the middle of autumn fog. I love the phrase: ‘stubble coloured sheep speckle stubble covered paddocks’, but poor old dead ‘roo. Your haiku made me grin!

  8. Loved your prose, and your haiku made me laugh – nice job Kate!

  9. Haha, I love the Aussie pragmatism of your haiku! The idea of a dead roo in the road sounds pretty gory…an interesting foil to all the floral blooms!

  10. Ahhh… I’d forgotten about your opposite experience. Who is to say which of us is the arse? lol

    • Hmmm… good question. Going into full nerd mode: if we use a standard right hand coordinate system, then the spin of the Earth is positive (point thumb up, fingers curl in the direction of the spin) if the north pole is up. So that puts the northern hemisphere at the top and downunder down under!

      • Only when viewed from the Earth’s surface. There’s no ‘up’ in space.
        We Northern hemisphere folks think we have a corner on normal. An arrogant bunch. lol

        • No, because the Earth has spin, so there is a coordinate system that can be defined from space. (Not to mention the orbital plane as well.) But the use of a right hand coordinate system to decide that positive spin is anticlockwise IS anthropocentric. If humans were predominantly left handed we would probably define the sign of spin the other way. But the rotation still has a unique axis when seen from any reference frame.

        • Golly! I’ll just take your word for this. I’m impressed!

        • But you’re right about there being no “up” in space. I like the bit in Ender’s Game where he sets up the coordinate system “the enemy is down”.

  11. you and Annie remind me the world is round. south and north. gosh

    • North and south are real – east and west are a conspiracy of cartographers.

      • ah. the twain shall not meet. samuel clemons american genius. born and died with haley s comet. you have the sense of fine life, funny sarcastic thought provoking humour. la!

        • why thank you 😀 I thought I was just a nerd who liked a sensibly defined coordinate system

        • nope you are very funny. trust me i m not easy to amuse. i am like mr gillan the master of the abandon, it s a waltz. so pray continue . the one and only kate wilson! wahoo!

        • why thank you 😀 although I am just another kate wilson – one of many
          Seriously, it’s worse than being a John Smith – there are several others that use the same GP as me (I’ve gotten scripts with their addresses on), one that had a filling at the same dentist as me on the same day (we got each other’s bills) and another one in the same institution I work for…

        • shamans blues jim morrison there will never be another one like you nor do the things you do.

  12. I love the kaleidescope of evocative, floral imagery, with the moon as its centerpiece. Brava!

  13. I love the wry tone of this. Your haiku made me laugh!

  14. What a wonderful haiku 🌼🌹🌼

  15. Such a stark image with roadkill and a flowerless winter.

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