how many hyacinths is enough?

I have sown many mice in the past week, and to celebrate I have ordered 50 hyacinths. I have tried to cut back, but the end of season catalogues are irresistible. I don’t even know where I’m going to put them all. I’ll just have to buy some pots. 


There is a line somewhere between
optimism and idiocy.
But herein lies the difficulty-
once it’s passed it can’t be seen.

So on I go, keeping my eyes on
another boundary now instead,
I’m charging on, full steam ahead
racing towards the sanity horizon.

But still, yet still, my resolve is hard,
Can you hear that keyboard tapping sound?
I’m buying more things to put in the ground!
Please, someone take away my credit card…


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13 responses to “how many hyacinths is enough?

  1. I love the lighthearted spirit in your poems, Kate. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to pics.

    • I’m going to have my own personal Floriade. 😀 Mind you, I thought that last year, and then the pig broke into the garden and ate… a lot… of tulips.

      • I already know its going to look amazing from the image in my mind.
        The pigs stomach manage that meal well?

        • I haven’t seen anything really upset her stomach yet. We’d never give her anything poisonous on purpose of course, but she’s managed to so far eat a tin of paint, a container of 2-stroke oil, a doormat, a lot of nerf bullets, a large rhubarb plant and probably a hundred bulbs, most of which were supposed to be poisonous. The only time I’ve seen her suffer from eating was when she broke into the feed bin and ate about 15kg of pig food in a sitting. She just lay there moaning and bulging for a few hours, then was back to normal.

        • That is quite an impressive list.
          So a pig with the stomach of a goat.
          Did you ever think this could be a way of her taotinng her flesh so it’s not sage for human consumption? 🤣

  3. Aw. I understand what you are referring to. Love your simple and genuine poems so much. Hugs 💕

  4. This poem is delightful: I love it very much 🌹🌹🌹

  5. Those are pretty bushes (as long as someone else is tending to them)

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