pretty mice all in a row

I dug the ground, I planted seed,
in the night, mice came to feed.
I bought more seed, planted again,
and in the night, yet more mice came.
Now I’m out of seed, and I’m out of nice,
I’ve laid the traps, and I’m planting mice.
and once I’ve planted a nice long row,
above the mice my seeds will grow.

and in ha’sonnet form for Stephen, here is the next episode:

I planted seed
all in a row.
The mice did feed,
no seed did grow.
Now planting mice
in rows all nice,
to feed the seed.


There is currently a mouse plague in western NSW. It’s not as bad here, but there are a lot more than usual. 


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12 responses to “pretty mice all in a row

  1. Kat Wilson’s Life

    The seeds don’t grow,
    the pig gets mean,
    helping to sow
    Kate’s poem scene.
    Throw in some mice
    to add some spice
    and we get glee!

    So, I guess you “hate those meeses to pieces!” I hope you have better luck than Mr. Jinx. 🐭😁

  2. Grim (Grimm?) — but sooo good! 😀 Rhyme adds a bit of shiver in a way that free verse can’t. Very effective! 👍🏻

  3. The same thing happened with the plot of corn Yolanda planted below in the little park I’m making in my spare lot. Moles and squirrels and rats ate all but six plants. I think we got four ears of corn from the entire crop.

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