Sonnet agin my pig

For the dVerse prompt MTB: Palinode this is a retraction of my earlier Sonnet for my pig, which was one of my first blog posts. Since I wrote that she has eaten hundreds of dollars of bulbs, two chickens, three doormats…. She has also stolen clothes and sheets from the line to build a nest, and bitten me unexpectedly.


My piggy’s eyes are little and evil,
But it’s the use of her snout that does tell,
That she’s the most wickedest of devils,
That has ever risen to Earth from Hell.
She snuffles and wuffles through the garden,
Leaving holes where once were lovely flowers.
I see the mess and feel my heart harden,
But the foolish pig ignores my glowers.
And standing now below the washing line,
As I hang the clothes, my piggy has come,
All quietly sneaking up from behind
and that monster pig has bitten my bum!
Oh piggy, to love you, I really tried,
But you’ll be your best as bacon crisp-fried.

Pigs can be taught to sit. But not to refrain from eating anything left outside, including doormats, tins of paint and garden beds.   


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26 responses to “Sonnet agin my pig

  1. I couldn’t own a pig, because I enjoy them crisp fried too much.

  2. 🤣 Is this really the end of little piggy?

  3. Has the love run its course?
    Is bacon really on the horizon?
    Have the children finally climbed above the piggy?
    What about the cockatoos?
    These questions—and many others—will be answered in the next episode of…anotherkatewilson. 🐷😁

  4. writingwhatnots

    I enjoyed your piggy poems very much – I could be wrong, but she looks like she’s laughing in this photo.

  5. Oh, I love this. This is very clever and witty. You have a comical pig and a comical pen. 🙂 I read both sonnets.

  6. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…especially not when you could be converted into a bacon sandwich. A fine point well made!

  7. writingwhatnots


  8. What a magnificent beast she is though!

  9. Ha ha! Of course, the Latin term! 😄

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