The ghost kangaroo of Gundaroo II

I’ve written about the ghost kangaroo of Gundaroo before, that white beast that appears suddenly beside the road just after dusk.  But this time, as it’s in response to the dVerse prompt “Poetics: Exploring the Narrative Voice“, this is the story from the roo’s point of view… 

When the sun sinks behind the Brindabellas
and the darkness rises from the valleys,
I rise from my bed of leaf litter
and wait for the moon to light my path.
Then through the dry eucalypt forest
my footsteps pound like a heartbeat,
harder and faster as I cross the fields
to the Gundaroo road.

Ears twitching, I hear you coming,
the engine roar and rifle crack.
I see the headlights, spotlights
and the glint of moonlight on gunmetal.
I scent your sweat, your excitement
the beer on your breath
as you get closer to where I wait
by the Gundaroo road.

And as you close on me I leap from the trees,
white fur glowing in the headlights,
as I confront you and all your kind.
I see your pupils widen in shock,
your hands jerk on the wheel
as I stand here, unmoving,
beneath the trees, on the dust
of the Gundaroo road.

I stand still, pale in the moonlight,
as the wheels spin, sending up
a plume of dust between the trees
that wait, tall, sturdy, unmovable,
to receive you with a final crunch of metal,
as you futilely fight for control
already knowing you are spinning
off the Gundaroo road.

When the night is silent and dark again
I turn away, return across the fields,
feet pounding like a slow heartbeat
to the dry eucalypt forest
and to my leaf litter bed
leaving you in your crushed metal coffin,
just another unfortunate accident
on the Gundaroo road.


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19 responses to “The ghost kangaroo of Gundaroo II

  1. This is excellent – giving voice to the Ghost Kangaroo of Gundaroo! I enjoyed both poems so much 🙂

  2. Beverly Crawford

    What a marvelous tale. I’ d like to hear more of the white kangaroo of Gundaroo Road!

  3. The taking back of power. I love it.

  4. Wow. That’s a very powerful voice. Kangaroos are incredible animals that do seem to hold us to account sometimes.

  5. I am ready for a return to Aussie Land ….. quite the narrative, well done!!!

  6. Excellent kate, so well written!

  7. Wow–this ghost kangaroo seems so malevolent. Here we have to worry about deer running in front of cars, but it never seems deliberate. So interesting to read this poem from the kangaroo’s point of view.

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