counting my sweetpeas

A follow up to “I’ll count my sweetpeas”  😦   I didn’t need to wait for them to blossom, it wasn’t the possums this time, or a rabbit or wallaby…


I counted my sweetpeas, it didn’t take long,
I counted my sweetpeas, I counted to one…
That’s all that was left, after the throng,
of vermin outside had all had their fun.

Two dozen planted, and only one left!
Two dozen planted, all dug up and et…
I’m feeling annoyed, I’m feeling bereft,
but I’m not feeling beaten, at least not yet.

I’ve got back online, and ordered more seeds
I’ve got back online, and now perhaps,
I’d better get something else for my needs –
I’m clicking buy now on a pack of mouse traps!


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3 responses to “counting my sweetpeas

  1. Oh how frustrating!!! Such a good season too – it’s not like they’re all starving. I love the rhymes in this. It reminds me of something but I can’t quite figure out what. Anyway, it’s a lovely mix of frustration and determination and hope.

    • Thank you 🙂
      I’ve replanted the peas twice now, and I keep finding little holes where the seeds have been dug out. Same thing with small bulbs – all dug up and eaten. 😦 It’s hard to say where the line between optimism and idiocy is, but I’ve got some more seeds to put in.

  2. or blessings and or crows whoknows?

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