truss no one

I couldn’t help thinking of my students when I read today’s dVerse prompt, Poetics: build a bridge” I tell them truss analysis is just like Sudoku but more fun – just lay out your equations, fill in the gaps, and truss me, that’s all there is to it! Until the build and test, that is. 

Every member – tension or compression?
Every joint – apply Newton’s second.
Have you considered load distribution?
What external forces make a contribution?

~put theory into practice~

Embody your equations in concrete and steel,
Now do the forces balance, for real?
Have you proved yourself a truss design master?
Or will your bridge feature on Engineering Disasters?



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13 responses to “truss no one

  1. How clever to use teaching, your students as inspiration … this is a great puente.

  2. I love it when you talk engineering mechanics. Seriously though, I think it’s great any time we take poetry into the non-fiction arenas of science, history, and education.

  3. Very clever, and the bridge line works perfectly.
    You should definitely share this one with your students!

  4. Sounds almost like a lyrical mnemonic. Very neatly constructed, Kate.

  5. This is fabulous! The flow, fun words and perfect ending!

  6. Lovely, funny, fun. Thanks for making me smile.

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